Kope Makgae is a man of many talents

Kope ‘Tswyza’ Makgae
Kope ‘Tswyza’ Makgae

ACTOR, rapper and businessman, Kope ‘Tswyza’ Makgae (32) is street-smart with a comedic element that he inherited from his parents. He will show just how multi-talented he is when he hosts a new show on SABC2. He gives back to the less fortunate with his foundation called Hip Hope Foundation, where he uses hip hop as a catalyst for change.


The multi-talented sensation grew up in Lebowakgomo, Polokwane, and graduated from the University of Limpopo with a degree in media studies. He then relocated to Joburg to pursue his career in entertainment.  Best known for playing Mrekza on Generations – The Legacy, Kope describes Mrekza as an exciting character, who adds a comedic element to the soapie. “Working alongside great actors such as Manaka Ranaka, who plays the character of Lucy, is very enjoyable and fun,” he says.  The actor says he has been on TV for as long as he can remember and sometimes forgets that he is in the public eye. “I am an approachable guy who doesn’t mind helping anyone. I remember one day after shooting Generations, I met up with someone who wanted an opportunity to be an actor. I then called actress and singer Miranda Ntshangase, who made me the person I am today, for assistance. So I basically assist where I can because I have been in the same spot,” he says.   


He advises anyone who wants to be an actor or musician to refine their talent and make sure they are the best at it. Kope tells Move! that with all the ups and downs of his busy schedules, he always finds time for music. “I will never stop doing music because music is the essence of who I am. In everything that I do, I filter in the music. As a child, I was always encouraged to be confident. I think with everything that I did I always convinced myself that this is who I am and with music, I knew that I would get to where I wanted to be,” he says. “What sets apart different artists is how they are sold. I can confidently tell you that the only people that I respect musically and lyrically are Stogie T, Mo Molemi and Proverb. They have made an impact in the music industry. They give you all the emotions in different styles,” says the former Isidingo actor.


He says Lalela La TV, which is a YouTube channel, is a platform for the youth. He explains that he has been writing songs and shooting music videos for years and the mere fact that he had to submit them to someone who was not capable of helping him made him create Lalela TV. “I created the platform where everyone can be able to submit any video that they want to put out there and to give them exposure. We also teach people how to make money and how to push for success as a young person,” he says. “It is basically a youth channel that I developed into a station that you find on the YouTube channel.”