Leshole’s never-ending stroke of bad luck

Thabo Mkhabela
Thabo Mkhabela

Skeem Saam’s Leshole, played by Thabo Mkhabela, like Joseph from the bible is yet to receive his seven years of plenty as he is always dealt a bad hand. Fans of the soapie have taken to social media to plead with the show’s writers to ease up on the bad luck that keeps following Leshole, with some vowing to stop watching the soapie if Leshole doesn’t catch a break.


Leshole is often keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. He is an abused child, who lives with his alcoholic father, Big Boy Mabitsela, played by Charles Maja. The Mabitselas have it hard as they have to survive on Big Boy’s income, which he makes as a mechanic. Big Boy is taking out all his frustrations on Leshole, which previously led to him performing poorly at school and lacking social skills. From getting shot to missing job opportunities, Leshole has been facing challenges. It got so bad that Skeem Saam fans took to social media and threatened to boycott the show until the soapie’s writers stopped battering the character.


In spite of all the suffering he has faced, Leshole passed matric so well that he got accepted into a flight academy. But just when everyone thought things were about to get well for him, he got shot just before he was supposed to leave for Joburg to go to the flight academy.