Live Amp presenter DJ Lamiez's dad dies

Media personality DJ Lamiez.  (PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/GALLO IMAGES)
Media personality DJ Lamiez. (PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES/GALLO IMAGES)

Cape Town - DJ Lamiez Holworthy recently announced her father’s tragic death.

"My dad came home from work last night, insisted that my mom get her hair done and that he’d make us dinner. He cooked for us and even though I wasn’t hungry, I ate before I went back to my house. He kissed me goodbye only to leave me forever a few hours later," she wrote on Twitter.


The 26-year-old shared the painful moment she fought with medics to try harder to save her dad.

"Watching them try to resuscitate his lifeless body and then how it suddenly started raining when his soul left his body. All feels like a dream. One long one that I can’t wake up from."

Being overseas while losing a parent is a terrible experience, which is why Lamiez was dreading calling her little brother, who lives and works in America.

"The worst was having to call my little brother who’s working in Miami . . . he’s all alone that side and needs to fly back ASAP. My dad was his hero . . ."

Lamiez also told a friend on Twitter that this loss is even more painful as she was about to go on her first ever international gig.

Her father was proud of her, she said, but now she’ll have to cancel because she’ll be planning his funeral.


But during all the pain she couldn’t help but recall the funny moments between her parents, and the love they shared.

“My mom n her best friend. She called him her achuz . . . jst the other day she got angry coz he called her by her real name n not ‘Engel’.”