L’vovo ready to walk down the aisle

L'vovo Derrango (Photo: Gallo)
L'vovo Derrango (Photo: Gallo)

LIKE his hit song, Palesa, it looks like Kwaito star L’vovo Derrango, also has his very own Palesa and will be tying the knot very soon. The star wouldn’t be drawn into discussing details of his love life but was more than happy to talk about his image as an entertainer.


L’vovo, whose real name is Thokozani Ndlovu, says he has always been a big boy. “I have never been a small boy, from primary to high school and in varsity. Never!” he says. L’vovo says he sees people going to the gym and losing weight and he’s happy for them. The problem comes when those very people want to impose their lifestyle on him. “I am fine the way I am. I am more active than most people. Besides when I am on stage I give a 120 percent effort to my performances,” he says.  


The father of two says he joined a gym in 2015 to keep fit and qualify for the Comrades Marathon. He lost a lot from weight and looked good. But the response from his fans worried him a little bit. “My fans were worried that I was sick and my body is part of my image. I was also worried South Africans wouldn’t recognise me. Another thing that bothered me was that I had to explain myself to everyone that I met about how and why I lost so much weight,” he says. L’vovo says that he needs to lose weight only around his stomach.  “I think my large stomach is caused by the food I used to eat such as pap and braai meat from the chisanyama, and drinking alcohol,” he says. L’vovo is aware of conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and that is why he tries to eat healthy every day. He says he has cut down on starch such as pap, rice and bread. “I have also cut down on fizzy drinks, and I now drink lots of water,” he says.