Maskandi artists Khuzani and Mthandeni take their fight further

Khuzani  Mpungose and Mthandeni Manqele
Khuzani Mpungose and Mthandeni Manqele

If tensions between warring maskandi artists is not resolved soon KwaZulu-Natal could add another dilemma on top of the ongoing political killings. The war between the province’s maskandi sensations Khuzani  Mpungose and Mthandeni Manqele is feared might lead to more bloodshed.


The two have engaged in off the stage run-ins for some time, after Mthandeni and some KZN maskandi artists previously claimed that Khuzani was imitating them.

This war saw the two dishing out unprintable lyrics on each other, and even resulted in death and now new fears have emerged over possible fresh blood spill. Last year, a maskandi fan was shot dead in a quarrel with another, about who was at fault between the two.


In June last year, representatives of both artists roped in celebrity Empangeni Inyanga, Thulani ‘3 Seconds’ Nkwanyana to intervene, and the two artists eventually smoked the peace pipe.

And in a replica of last year’s bout, the province’s traditional big guns have again been asked to talk some sense on the two. A KZN traditional leader, expected to attend the June 21 meeting, confirmed to Move! that the two have again been summoned, along with their traditional leaders. “Remember last year, we had death over these boys. We intervened and called a meeting, but Mthandeni failed to attend and we fined him a cow,” says the traditional leader.


Another source says the new tiff has been worsened by the title Inhlinini Yoxolo (fake apology), on Khuzani’s new album, a move that warranted another meeting. “It was very disrespectful of him to name his album that because when we met last year, everything was resolved. We are now scared of more bloodshed. We really don’t need this,” says the mole.

3 Seconds, who chaired last year’s meeting, confirms that he has again been roped in, in an attempt to reconcile the two maskandi artists. He says this time they will be changing their strategy of mediation. “We have to change the plan altogether. We have told each artist to bring along their respective village chiefs.  And whoever is found guilty is going to be taken to Kwa Nongoma, to apologise in front of Isilo King Goodwill Zwelithini,” says 3 Seconds.


3 Seconds, a respected KZN healer, philanthropist and community leader, however, could not comment on whether the recent death of KZN maskandi star Mjukujelwa, was linked to ongoing tensions in the maskandi genre. “All I know is that we don’t want a maskandi version of the political killings in our province. I don’t know what killed Mjukujelwa other than speculation of witchcraft, but I know that someone was killed last year because of (the war between) these two boys,” says 3Seconds.

Both Mthandeni and Khuzani could not be reached for comment and did not respond to text messages requesting transparency on their tiff.