Msawawa lends a helping hand


DECADES after making it big in the entertainment industry, Kwaito star Msawawa, whose real name is Siboniso Dlamini, has recently been in the news over allegations that he is broke and also for his failed relationship with his sugar mama Angela Gwala.


Msawawa says he will never stop people from talking, but points out that things are not what people say they are. He says he is now focusing on other important things like helping the poor. “People will always talk, especially those who are not close to you; they will say things they do not really know. Ask people who are close to me in Durban, they know that I am busy with things that matter now,” says Msawawa.


Regarding his relationship with Angela, he says, “Angela and I have different lives now, but we are still talking. We decided to focus on other things. I am focusing on my life and she is also focusing on her life. That is what people do when things are not working out.” Most people thought Msawawa and Angela were married, but he says all of that is not true because he only paid lobola for her. But things didn’t go as planned so they decided to separate. Though he refused to comment on whether he is involved in a new relationship, he seems to have his hands full with his business and new single at the moment – apart from the charity work he is doing. “I have a Tshisa Nyama business I opened in Clermont Township in Durban because I saw that people had to travel to other townships when they needed meat and drinks. At the same time, I released a single called Izinja Zam featuring Mroza Fakude. I am busy with that,” he says.


Like most celebrities who are trying to redeem themselves, the Bowungakanani hit-maker has started a charity foundation in partnership with his dancing school to help train and motivate those children who love dancing but do not have the money to attend dancing schools. He is also giving school uniforms to children from disadvantaged families. “There are children out there who are going to school bare-footed and others without uniforms, so I felt it is my responsibility to help them out. We have a Facebook page where teachers from different schools tell us what their students need and we supply,” says Msawawa. “Since I love dancing and I know there are other kids who love it as well, I help kids who are good but they do not have the money to pay for lessons.”  He says he has been doing all the good deeds from his own pocket and he is in talks with sponsors who will assist as he wishes to expand his charity work to other regions as well. “I am negotiating with the local municipality on sponsorship because I have been doing this with my money and I want this to run nationally,” he says.