Mshoza on being a mother and successfully co-parenting with her ex

Mshoza and her children (PHOTO: Move!)
Mshoza and her children (PHOTO: Move!)

Behind the controversial kwaito star and celebrity that Mzansi has grown to love, is a mother of two children who inspire her to constantly push forward even when times are tough.

In an exclusive interview with Move!, Nomasonto ‘Mshoza’ Maswanganyi opens up about what being a mother means to her, co-parenting with her ex-husband, businessman Jacob Mnisi.


It is not often that Mshoza shows off this vulnerable and drama-free side to her. It is so refreshing to hear her daughter, Pride (10), who has a colourful personality like her mother call Mshoza, ‘mom’.

Despite all the negative publicity, mistakes she has made and the pain Mshoza has gone through, in her little girl’s eyes she is the most perfect mother ever.

 “At school, they know that my mom is famous, I like that. I want to be a singer, but my mom doesn’t want me to be one,” Pride says.

Mshoza stresses that she really doesn’t want Pride to be in the entertainment industry.

“This industry is not for the faint-hearted. She must just focus on education and have a normal life. Maybe even go to Harvard University overseas. If she insists with this singing, it will have to happen after she turns 21,” she says.

Mshoza was a celebrity teenager and says this robbed her of an opportunity to be a child.

“I remember how I would be laughed at because I was using taxis even though I was a celebrity. Those are unnecessary pressures that come with this industry and I don’t want my children to feel like they can’t live their lives.”

Time will tell what Mshoza’s daughter becomes but as it stands, Pride wants to also be ‘rich like her mom’.

When it comes to Jacob Junior, Mshoza’s eight-year-old son’s personality is without a doubt a duplicate of his father.

“He is reserved and quiet and those are his dad’s traits,” she says.

When it comes to parenting, Mshoza says she is strict and doesn’t compromise when it comes to teaching them principles such as respect.


The self-proclaimed godmother of kwaito has over the years had to pick up the pieces in full view of the public – from her failed marriages, going broke and being beaten up by her recent ex-husband. She has dealt with a lot of drama in her life.

In 2013, Mshoza and her then husband, Jacob, were already having public spats that often made headlines. Their divorce ended very ugly and Mshoza moved back to Johannesburg from eMalahleni in Mpumalanga with her children.

A few years on, the two have reconciled and have a great co-parenting relationship.

 “Jacob and I are really good friends, when it comes to our children we really do our best for them,” Mshoza says. She admits that things were not always like this but says she is grateful that her children have their father and his family in their lives.

“When I was going through an abusive relationship in 2018, Jacob was there to support me and offered to take the children until I got back on my feet again, for that I appreciate him,” she says.