Mshoza says her naked body is worth R500k in viral video


Cape Town - Mshoza is expensive and no ordinary man can afford her. This is what the kwaito star says in a video that has gone viral on social media.

In the video, which has been wildly shared on Twitter and Facebook, Mshoza addresses men and tells them to learn to stay in their financial lane and know which women to approach.

"Stop just courting people, you must look at people in your own league. Look at the girl you asking out before you proceed. You can’t come to me and expect to give me R5000 each month, be realistic," she says.


"My body cream every month is R6 000. You will be giving me R5 000 and then tell people that you’re my man, hell no!"

She continued to speak about how much the work she has done on her body has cost her.

"Just when I’m naked before I wear a bra and panties… I’m worth over R500 000 including the nose…So, if you keep calling me, look at yourself and think hard about it. I’m expensive," she said.


"This beauty doesn’t come cheap. People have paid for the bum, breast and nose. You think you will just court me and give me R5 000. You don’t even have an R8 or Lamborghini or even a certain Mercedes. Stop texting me. Stop calling me if your account is less than a million please."

While on the topic of cars, she made it clear that your entry level car costs the same as her everyday clothes. So, if you want her, then just forget about it. And texting her about good she looks doesn’t faze her at all because she knows.


"I wasn’t’ saying I’m in need of a man. I’m okay where I am. I do have a man. I was just letting you know that you come here with your conquest to court me. You don’t even know how much my man spends for me to look this beautiful. I don’t need for you to be telling me I’m beautiful. I don’t need you to be telling me that or sending me my pictures. I know I’m beautiful. I know I’m expensive. Look, I’m just chilling a home wearing a Versace T-shirt and Hermes belt, that’s worth more than your car. Look at the house I live in and you think you can afford me with your R110 airtime? Relax please."

Social media users had some pretty strong reactions to her rant: