MTV VJ Tshego Koke's reign and what the future holds

MTV VJ Tshego Koke
MTV VJ Tshego Koke

Tshego Koke, the last MTV VJ search winner believes in working hard and staying true to yourself in the industry. The handsome hard worker was assigned his own show, MTV Base Top 30, just within 3 months of joining the MTV team. Here he hosted the leading music charts each week and travelled the world to interact with the “it” people in the entertainment industry.


Move! spoke to Tshego Koke  who  says that winning the MTV VJ search was the best thing that ever happened to him. “Winning the MTV VJ search introduced me into the industry. It was like a stepping stone”, he says. Tshego has landed interviews with both local and international artists. “I have had the opportunity to work with American artists such as Migos and Swizz Beats. Locally, I’ve interviewed AKA, Babes Wodumo and Nasty C just to name few. This has all grown me as a presenter; my confidence as a person has sky rocketed. I am able to overcome challenges that used to hold me back “, he says. Tshego mentions that what he enjoyed the most about being an MTV VJ winner is that you get introduced to how things work in the entertainment industry. “I got to get the feel of how things operate and how I would make them work”, he says.


However, it hasn’t been all a smooth ride as Tshego mentions that being in the entertainment industry drives you into going for long days without seeing your loved ones, who are your support system. “I would be on the road for close to two months without seeing my family. This would be hard for me because at times you just need to be surrounded by energy of those you love”, Tshego explains. This has however grown Tshego as a person. “As a person you just have to put your all in whatever you are doing in order to make it a success. All my experiences at MTV grew me as a person. One has to understand that days are not the same in the industry at times you are out there doing your thing and the next day everyone has forgotten who you are, so you have to create a name for yourself”, he says.


“I am a person who loves being indoors and just being surrounded by my loved ones. However, I always programme my mind and body that now I have to go and work and I put my all. When I am off work, I programme myself that now it’s time to chill and be in my zone. I know it’s hard to believe but I don’t like going out and clubbing. I just want to stay in the house, watch TV and go to the gym when I have to go there”, Tshego explains

Tshego says going to the gym and just spending time with his mother helped him get through depression. “I used fitness to overcome depression. Whenever I was there I wouldn’t think too much. I would just focus on what I was doing there. I ended up being a fitness instructor and finally lending myself a job at MTV. My mother has also helped me with dealing with depression as she has been very supportive and loving”, Tshego explains.


“I’ve always had a love for radio, so I’m currently working at Massive Metro which is an online radio station. I have a show which talks more about hip hop culture”, Tshego says. The love for fashion has landed Tshego fashion deals. “I am in love with fashion and I work with fashion houses and I see myself sketching a few of my own designs in the future”, he says.

Tshego was nominated for Cosmo’s sexiest SA man 2018. However, Tshego is humbled about the whole experience. “I don’t see myself as a sex symbol. I’m just grateful and humbled that there are people out there who perceive me as such”, he chuckles.


Tshego gave a word of advice to future MTV VJ contestants. “Use the platform that you are given very wisely. Influence people in every way. Many people are looking up to you, give them all the right reasons to fall in love with you. Live your life while you help people change the way they live their lives. Stay humble, use social media platforms and just be yourself. It’s a crazy industry but don’t allow it to change you”, he advises.