Muvhango’s Innocentia Manchidi on her post-wedding anxiety: “I had mixed emotions”


Muvhango actress Innocentia Manchidi (previously Makapila) who is best known by her character ‘Rendani’ has opened up about her post-wedding anxiety.

She recently tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Mpho Manchidi in a beautiful white wedding ceremony.

However, when the festivities were over and everyone has gone home, she had mixed emotions about leaving her parents’ nest.

“The day I left my parents’ house and moved to my new home was filled with so many mixed emotions.” she shared on her Instagram page.

After moving in with her hubby she came to the realisation that she had nothing to worry about. “I’m so grateful that my fears were all for nothing,” she wrote.

The actress shared more pictures of her wedding on her page and wrote more about how she felt on the day.

What she was feeling is nothing new.

According to research by Allison Scott and Laura Stafford on Psychology Today, one in ten women experience depression in the first year of marriage. Dr Charles M Blatt, director of research at the Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation in Boston has found that anxiety can pose a real threat to the heart.