Pamela Nomvete has amended her relationship with SA

Pamela Nomvete
Pamela Nomvete

Pamela Nomvete’s small screen return sets social media alight after being away for a few years. The seasoned actress made her comeback on Monday night on Mzansi Magic’s Lockdown season 2.


The veteran actress made her comeback appearance as the no-nonsense prison boss, Deborah Banda on Mzansi Magic's hit drama series Lockdown season 2 and soon became the talk of Twitter for her stellar performance.

Speaking about the love she received from viewers on social media, Pamela told Move! magazine the respond from the public amended her relationship with the country. “I am overwhelmed and completely humbled. It's like having had an intense tumultuous relationship with someone, then deciding to separate and then both sides having grown and worked on themselves coming together and just falling in love all over again with just as much passion as before, but this time with more maturity. That's me and South Africa,” states Pamela.


Pamela says if it wasn’t for her sister-in-law she wouldn’t have known about the tweets but she is glad she read them. “My sister-in-law insisted on reading out the tweets. I felt words were not adequate to express my gratitude to them. So I just tweeted, ‘I love you South Africa’,”

The former Generations actress explains why she loves her new role. “She is complex. She is an unknown entity. She keeps leaving you wondering.  She is not as clear cut as "good " or "bad", "fair" or "cruel" she has many many layers,” she says about her character.