'Real Goboza' presenter Samora Mangesi on being married to himself

Samora Mangesi. (photo: Samora Mangesi Facebook)
Samora Mangesi. (photo: Samora Mangesi Facebook)

Cape Town - Real Goboza presenter Samora Mangesi is married to himself – and to him it’s the ultimate proclamation of self-love.

In an interview with Move! about his marriage status after he posted a picture of himself with a ring on his left ring finger, Sam cleared the air.

"I am not married. Well, I’m married to myself. Marry yourself if there’s no one out of the 7 billion people in the world is willing to marry you," he said.

When asked about his plans to marry he explained that if it happens it happens but we should not hold our breath about seeing a companion. "If there is a wedding then it will be just me marrying myself," he said.