Rhythm City actress Tebogo Khalo shares why she and her hubby have decided not to start a family

Actress Tebogo Khalo
Actress Tebogo Khalo

RHYTHM City actress, Tebogo Khalo, has been playing Puleng for over a decade and although her character is a mother, Tebogo says she does not want to have children. She has been with her husband for 12 years, but the couple has no desire to start a family.


Tebogo comes from a big family and is family oriented, but she doesn’t want to have children of her own. “Family and friends are everything to me and I have the most fun when I’m with them,” she says. She recently revealed during an interview that she never wants to have children. “I’m finding it difficult because I am getting older and I get broody, but I just remind myself of my decision when this happens,” she says.    


Together with her husband, the two have decided to raise their nephews and nieces as their own children. The star also revealed she was better off without children, saying leading a busy life will have a negative impact on her motherly role. “I made the decision because of the pressures of life. I think it is unfair to have kids when life is so complex. I think it is the pressure and fear of bringing a soul on earth and raising them,” she tells Move!.


The actress has been part of Rhythm City for over 10 years, and says she doesn’t feel like she’s stuck playing one character, as Puleng’s script is challenging. “It’s been a decade of challenging and exciting story-telling that I don’t even feel like I have been playing the same character for this long,” she says. “I’ve grown in my craft through the different journeys that my character has been through. I’m still excited by Puleng because she’s so challenging.”  


She says her character gets better with time. “I try to make the character as relevant as possible. I’m always looking out for jargon that’s current so people can relate to the character and to evolve with everyday changes of life,” she says. “I also try to be as authentic as possible and I always give a piece of my heart to the audience with every story I’m given.”