Ringo on being homeless

Ringo Madlingozi
Ringo Madlingozi

LEGENDARY Afro-pop singer, Ringo Madlingozi, never had it easy on his journey to stardom. He was once homeless when he was still trying to break into the music industry, but his family did not know this. He says this went on until he met a woman he moved in with.


Breaking into the industry was not a walk in the park for Ringo as he faced many struggles. Johannesburg Park Station was once his home. “I didn’t have a place to stay so I slept at Park Station for about five days without anybody knowing. I never told anyone at home that I actually didn’t have a place to stay,” says Ringo. He explains that during the day he would walk around Park Station. “When it was around 9pm, I would go to a club in Bree Street in Joburg to dance until 2am or 3am and then go to my cousin’s house as if I was coming back from some place. I’d then sit on the couch and dose off,” says the Sondela singer. 


He managed to keep being homeless a secret for at least a few days until his cousin got suspicious of his behaviour. “I never told anyone that I didn’t have a place to stay until my cousin said to me that I always go to his house to bath and then leave. He then asked me where I was staying. I just said, ‘Uh somewhere, you know’,” reveals Ringo.