Robert Marawa on being hospitalised: 'I’ve been threatened, I was in ICU'

Robert Marawa. (PHOTO: DRUM)
Robert Marawa. (PHOTO: DRUM)

Cape Town - Sports presenter Robert Marawa recently revealed that he was in ICU last year and was fighting for his life.

The 46-year-old revealed this in an interview with Phat Joe on Radio 2000 after his sudden axing as a sportscaster on Supersport.

The interview started with an emotional Phat Joe affirming the legendary presenter.

"You are valued, you are loved, you are supported," he said as his voice quivered.

Marawa then opened up about how he has been threatened before and his time in ICU in June/July last year.

I’ve been threatened," he began.

"I was in ICU in June/July last year. My sister was shattered when she walked in, she saw a corpse. But people don’t know that because I don’t talk about that. The thing is if my life has to end because of a passion and a job that I do then so be it."

Phat Joe then touched on Robert Marawa’s tweet that the truth might 'cost him his life' to which he said,

"…if my journey ends before I reach 50, then so be it."