Simphiwe Ngema on learning to love herself and be independent


Cape Town - Actress Simphiwe Ngema is loving herself and has learnt to see herself through the eyes of the man she married.

Simz, as she is affectionately known took to her Instagram page to open up about her feelings.

Speaking on self-love she wrote that she had to be, first and foremost, the kind of man she wanted. Simz became a widow after the untimely death of her husband actor and musician Dumi Masilela in August 2017 when he was shot and killed in an attempted hijacking.

“I’ve learnt to be the man I wanted to marry. Sad but true. I had to learn to see myself through his eyes, love myself as much as he loved me, be independent and take care of myself the way he would take care of me. It’s been a tough journey but I’m finally here. What now??? #QuingSimz #Thandangempela,” she posted on her Instagram page.

She’s been frank about the struggles of losing her husband. However, losing Dumi has made her stronger too.

“Right now I'm not afraid of anything as I think I have faced my worst nightmare already with Dumi's death. Like I said, for me this is just about living out my purpose and that's it,” she told iol.

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