Skeem Saam’s Makgofe Moagi encourages everyone to get a check-up after cancer scare

Makgofe Moagi. (photo: Makgofe Moagi instagram)
Makgofe Moagi. (photo: Makgofe Moagi instagram)

Skeem Saam actress Makgofe Moagi, who plays the role of Speech Therapist Charity Ramabu on the series, has encouraged her fans to get regular check ups for cancer.

The actress revealed that it took her three years to see a doctor after she first felt a lump in her breast. This is despite knowing that she comes from a family with a cancer history.

“Ladies please check your breasts for any lumps, and when you do find one don’t take 3 years like I did (my crippling fear of injections made me the best procrastinate) but it got bigger and bigger and more painful over time until I decided to go get it checked out,” she confessed in her Instagram post.

Makgofe is grateful that it turned out that it was not cancer. “I was blessed because my lab results came back negative, it was a benign tumor but I still have to do an operation to remove it because it’s growing,” she wrote.

She didn’t leave the gents out as cancer doesn’t discriminate against gender. “And for our men, please go for regular Prostate Cancer check-ups, the symptoms may be different for each man,” she added.

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