Skolopad on her Generations: The Legacy appearance


Socialite Nonhlanhla “Skolopad” Qwabe made an appearance on one of South Africa’s biggest soapies – Generations: The Legacy. In an episode, which aired on 3 May, the socialite was part of a crowd of people listening to politicians Mazwi and Makeke debating. You’ll be forgiven if you didn’t notice her as she was just an extra.

Speaking to Move! Skolopad says this is her way of trying to keep her brand alive. “I’m trying to get into acting. I’ve been doing music but people are stealing my music and never call again,” she reveals.

She also points out it’s difficult to find a balance as she’s a nurse, which is her bread and butter. “I don’t have time because I work,” she says about juggling jobs.

Yet Skolopad is adamant she’ll make it work one day. “I will do whatever it takes to take my brand up.”

She recently posted nude pictures for her fans’ enjoyment so “whatever” clearly includes getting naked. Skolopad says she did the shoot to keep fans updated about her scars, which she got after a car crash last year.

“I got naked to show my scars so that my fans can get used to them. They have to know this is me now. I don’t want to hide,” she says.

Watch the full episode here: