SOAPIE PREVIEW: Generations - The Legacy

Tau and Ayanda (PHOTO: Generations: The Legacy facebook)
Tau and Ayanda (PHOTO: Generations: The Legacy facebook)


Airing: Weekdays 20:00

Channel: SABC

17 April - 23 April 2019

Tau is tricked into signing a release form.


Ayanda’s attack affected her more than anyone realises…


Yster is nervous about the job Cosmo has lined up for him.


Kabisi doesn’t like Crazy J spending time in the hood.


An unexpected hug catches a lonely detective off guard.


Lucy thinks there’s only one way to get rid of her guilt…


Wandi makes a horrifying discovery but is it already too late?


Ayanda is alarmed at the thought of Tshidi being her boss.


Smanga throws caution to the wind and decides to do things his way.


Lesedi notices a connection between friends.


Zitha doesn’t know how to be two different people at once.


Yster is instructed to take the blackmail to the next level.

Crazy J meets up with a very unpleasant surprise in the alleyway…