SOAPIE PREVIEW: Generations: The Legacy

(PHOTO: Generations: The Legacy Facebook)
(PHOTO: Generations: The Legacy Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 20:00

Channel : SABC 1

Date: 16 Oct- 22 October

Dr Mokoena delivers bad news to Smanga.

Pele hears about the distress call and rushes to the scene.

Two terrified onlookers make a quick getaway during an ugly shootout.

Another cop is murdered, and the wrong person gets blamed.

Palesa finds money while cleaning the house and pockets it.

Lesedi is annoyed when Crazy J does what she tells him to.

Nothing will deter Kabisi from his goal.

Jack unknowingly asks the wrong man for help.

Mazwi is shocked to hear the identities of the murder suspects.

A visit from the police leaves the Morokas traumatised.

Bulelwa’s effort to get her man out of his slump backfires.

Palesa gets into trouble at work.

Pele receives a tip-off about where the fugitives are hiding out.

The new parents panic when their baby’s heart rate drops.