Isidingo (PHOTO: Facebook)
Isidingo (PHOTO: Facebook)

Soapie: Isidingo

Airing: Weekdays 19:00

Channel: SABC 3

Date: 1-7 May 2019

Just when Lungi thinks everything's on track with Lincoln, Sechaba jerks her back to a harsh reality.

Cebisa makes it clear to Sibiya who has the power.

Lategans struggle with the repercussions of the affair.

Lungi is on a mission to learn about the circumstances behind Katlego's death. Gatanga comes to Sechaba for advice.

Despite her denials, her husband's affair is clearly tearing Lalage apart.

Nina's plan to get back at Lincoln through his son is put into action.

Hot-headed Sibiya tells all who'll listen he'll be the next mayor of HD.

Lungi is hurt when she sees Lincoln's true colours.

Sibiya receives shattering news.  

Anja and Zandre speak to Lalage about stopping her wild ways.

Lincoln is taken aback when Lungi tells him that she fears he'll kill her like her father killed her mother.

Sibiya takes a "win a house" competition in the papers as a sign from his ancestors