Muvhango (PHOTO: Muvhango Facebook)
Muvhango (PHOTO: Muvhango Facebook)

Soapie:  Muvhango

Airing: Weekdays 21:00

Channel: SABC 2

Date: 12-18 June 2019


Gugu decides to make her intentions clear to Seretse.

Shaz is discovers a secret, that was kept from her by her mother.

Sundani is devastated when Thonifho refuses to return with her.

Gugu pours her heart out to Seretse.

There is a growing father and daughter relationship between Shaz and Gizara.  Tenda’s uncertainty and the waiting are giving him a mini panic attack.

Gizara pushes for Shaz to get a job.

Tenda’s biggest wish has been granted, but under unlikely circumstances.

Gugu and Imani’s relationship seems to be headed for a downfall.

A new member in Gizara’s family causes discord.

Sundani is losing her grip on her Tenda. Seretse leaves a goodbye letter for Imani. Gizara is hit by a life threatening scare.

Dee thinks she has Tenda wrapped around her fingers.