(PHOTO: Muvhango Facebook)
(PHOTO: Muvhango Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 21:00

Channel : SABC 2

Date: 25 September -1 October

Tenda bumps into an old enemy, he is not impressed at all.

Moliehi seems to be back to her old antics.

Vho-Mukondeleli seeks help from an unlikely ally.

Senamile brazenly lures Azwindini into her web of deceit.

At the expense of her own blood, Moliehi crafts an evil plan to get back at James.

Vho-Mukondeleli manages to hit all the right notes, leaving Vhangani a little uneasy.

Tendamudzimu pitches up and dredges up Senamile past.

Moliehi and KK have a funeral to plan.

Poor Mpho has been summoned to judge Vho-Mukondeleli's chances at the competition Senamile has a shrine dedicated to her obsession Azwindini.

Skhu, KK and Moliehi see Moliehi death through accompanied by a death certificate. Vho-Mukondeleli saves her voice as she speaks in gestures.