(PHOTO: Muvhango Facebook)
(PHOTO: Muvhango Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 21:00

Channel SABC 2 

Date: 13 Nov-19 Nov

Gugu antagonises an unhinged Vuyo for the sake of Imani.

Rendani realises that her love life has hit the bottom.

Tenda and Dee panic when they come across complications with the baby.

Imani is desperate to get hold of the video that threatens to ruin her life.

Rendani discovers that her desires are opposite to what she preferred them to be.

Dee is confronted with motherhood challenges.

Vuyo gives Imani an ultimatum that can save her reputation but destroy her friend.

Rendani is considering things she that would have never done before to resurrect her love life.

Dee has to come to terms with the fact that Tenda marrying her seems futile.

Imani freaks out when she gets disturbing massages.

Rendani has an unbelievable request for her family.

Dee turns down Tenda’s offer for them to stay together.

Imani betrays a dear friend to save her life.