(PHOTO: Muvhango Facebook)
(PHOTO: Muvhango Facebook)
Airing : Weekdays 21:00

Channel : SABC 2

Date: 27 Nov-3 Dec

Imani’s video has far more reaching consequences than she imagined.

Vuto shows up in Imani’s apartment to set her straight.

Everyone is excited when Imani goes out with her intended.

Imani decides to face the world regardless of what they think of her.

Marang confronts James and she gets a surprise.

Rendani gives into temptations but has doubts about the road she is about to take.

Imani has a medical crisis that sends her straight to the Doctor.

James wants to show Marang he is not toying with her feelings.

Shaz has enough ammunition that could destroy Rendani.