Rhythm City (PHOTO: Rhythm City Facebook)
Rhythm City (PHOTO: Rhythm City Facebook)

Soapie: Rhythm city

Airing: Weekdays 19:00

Channel: eTV

Date: 5-11 June 2019


Jamaica and Mapula are both desperate for money and elsewhere Suffo must adjust to his new life.

Bash is suspicious of his new friend.

Mapula sneaks Banele into the Khuses’ house. Kop teaches Jamaica a lesson.

Bash takes things to the next level with CC, Mzi moves out, Banele pleads his case at the university, Kop and Jamaica are still at war.

Bash prepares himself to tell CC the truth.

Banele is caught hiding out at the Khuses.

The water is cut off in the yard.

CC finds out the truth about Bash, Banele gets the verdict from the university, the water crisis gets worse.