(PHOTO: Rhythm City Facebook)
(PHOTO: Rhythm City Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 19:00

Channel : E TV

Date: 21 Aug -27 Aug 2019

Lerato cracks the mystery of Suffocate’s accuser.

Jamaica is conflicted about standing up to Khulekani.

Mampho questions Rene’s calling. David meets an old friend.

Jamaica struggles to keep up with his Khulekani revelations.

Mampho is concerned for Rene over her calling.

Ziyanda realises she’s been outplayed.

Rene is alienating her family and friends.

Jamaica finds himself once again in Khulekani’s lair.

Just when Lerato outmanoeuvres David, she finds herself another powerful opponent.

Khulekani emerges as a master of deception.

Suffo learns who was behind the smear campaign.

Fats takes matters into his own hands.

Mampho tells Rene she’s had enough.