(PHOTO: Rhythm City Facebook)
(PHOTO: Rhythm City Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 19:00

Channel : E TV 

Date: 25 September -1 October

Mzi makes a fool of himself at his work meeting.

Pearl outsmarts David.

Bash makes the biggest mistake of his life. 

Khulekani silences Bash forever.

Pearl outplays the player.

Sabelo makes a big decision about Sindiswa.

David double-crosses Khulekani.

Khulekani makes Bash’s death look like suicide.

Lefa becomes absorbed in building electronics and Blossom is worried he doesn’t have friends.

She invites two boys for supper, not realising they are Lefa's bullies.

Khulekani is surprised at the crime scene.

Pearl comes clean with David.

Jamaica finds solace from a murderer.

Pearl makes a final decision about Mzi.

Lefa gets encouragement at school.

David makes a heartfelt plea to Pearl.