Scandal! (PHOTO: eTV Scandal! Facebook)
Scandal! (PHOTO: eTV Scandal! Facebook)

Soapie: Scandal!

Airing: Weekdays 19:30

Channel: eTV

Boniswa discovers that she was played.

After receiving a lecture, Mlungisi thinks the world is ganging up on him.

Stokkies promises the world to Walter and learns of impending trouble.

Romeo fashions a new plan to exact revenge.

Mlungisi's pride pushes another loved one away from him.

Stokkies busks hard to achieve a goal.

Romeo finds what he is looking for but gets more than he bargained for.

Zinzi feels enough is enough.

Stokkies goes back to his old ways.

Romeo tries to tempt an unpredictable new player into the game. 

A bit of tenderness from an unexpected source puts further strain on a troubled marriage. 

Under pressure, Walter considers a risky move