Scandal! (PHOTO: Scandal!0
Scandal! (PHOTO: Scandal!0

Soapie:  Scandal!

Airing: Weekdays 19:30

Channel: eTV

Date: 1-7 May 2019


An unsuspecting man is implicated in a corruption scandal that could make and break its author.

Romeo assists in preparing a trap to lure in a deserving victim. 

Zinzile decides to make a difficult sacrifice for the good of her family. 

After a great success, Stokkies comes back down to earth with a bump. 

Romeo's plot to bring Mthunzi down has an unexpected outcome.

A wife walks in on her husband with another woman and assumes the worst.  Stokkies finds that his attempts to succeed have backfired. Mthunzi realizes he's in a hopeless situation as his attempt at survival fails him.

A mother finds herself homeless and gets an offer that's hard to refuse.

A journo's dream is crushed.

Mthunzi rat spins a wild story to appease his captor, but will he be believed?