(PHOTO: Scandal! Facebook)
(PHOTO: Scandal! Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 19:30

Channel : E TV 

Date: 23 Oct- 29 October

Loyiso confronts Boniswa with his suspicions and she works hard to do damage control.

Layla witnesses Wesley in an intimate moment that confuses her.

Kgosi feels pressured by his wheeling and dealing.

Yvonne unwittingly tips off a man who is determined to know the truth.

Kgosi's problems force him to come up with creative solutions.

Loyiso goes searching for answers and finds a big one.

Kgosi's cash-flashing attracts suspicion and some action.

Loyiso agrees to think carefully before revealing a truth but Boniswa is not forgiven. 

Love is in the air for a couple who have been there before.

Caiphus and Ndumiso are thrown when Kgosi spreads largesse.

Boniswa attempts to poison Chumani's mind against someone he likes and respects. 

Wesley finds himself in an awkward position with a former rival.

Kgosi struggles to find a solution for his business problem