(PHOTO: Scandal! Facebook)
(PHOTO: Scandal! Facebook)

Chumani continues to conceal the truth despite a rejection and an offer of a sympathetic ear.

Dintle decides that any friend of a colleague is no friend of hers.

Chumani freaks out when he realises that Tshepo is on the trail of the truth.

Dintle's ideas are shut down and Layla makes an uninformed decision.

Chumani's teetering close to the edge and Tshepo makes a revelation that threatens to push him over.

Hlengiwe's furious about interference behind her back, but her day's about to get a lot worse.

Despite a heartfelt promise to his mother, Kgosi considers a dubious course of action.

Chumani wrestles with whether to come clean for love. 

Kgosi's wheeling and dealing nets him a big score. 

Chumani confesses the whole truth which leaves Tshepo deeply conflicted.