(PHOTO: Scandal! Facebook)
(PHOTO: Scandal! Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 19:30

Channel : E TV 

Date: 04 Dec-10 Dec

Chumani is blind-sided by a crushing revelation.

Boniswa's worst fear is realised and Chumani confronts her with the truth.

Quinton's need for excitement causes him to lose big.

Kgosi comes up with a desperate plan to save himself.

Chumani interrogates his mother who is alarmed by what he intends to do with his shocking discovery.

Chumani struggles to deal with the life-changing discovery and turns to the wrong person. 

Dintle tries to get Layla to see why someone she dislikes should not be her boss. 

Gloria gets a traditional solution for the crime.

Hlengiwe's ongoing conflict with a subordinate, leads to Layla laying down the law. 

Kabza and Kgosi hear the terrifying consequences of their actions and are forced to come up with a new plan.