Rhythm City(PHOTO: Rhythm CityFacebook)
Rhythm City(PHOTO: Rhythm CityFacebook)

Soapie:  Rhythm City

Airing: Weekdays 19:00


Date: 12-18 June 2019

Puleng struggles to cope, Bash tells CC his version of the truth, Jafta goes to war over the water.

Puleng tries to prove that she can stand alone. It is Bash’s turn to learn the truth about CC.

Mampho has a solution for the water crisis.

Puleng drowns her miseries, Bash agrees to work with CC, Jafta has a new solution to the Khuses’ water problems.

Bash incriminates himself on camera, Puleng kicks Cuba out, Jafta convinces Jamaica to bridge the water meter.

As Bash reveals more secrets, CC reveals that she isn’t who she seems.

Jafta’s plan to save the Khuses’ water blows up - literally.