SOAPIE REVIEW: Generations -The Legacy

(PHOTO: Generations-The Legacy Facebook)
(PHOTO: Generations-The Legacy Facebook)

Soapie :Generations -The Legacy

Airing : Weekdays 20:00

Channel : SABC 1

Date: 31 Jul -06 Aug 2019

Smanga instructs Bulelwa to call a meeting.

A comment made in passing sets Jack’s mind racing…

It’s Crazy J to the rescue when the party arrangements fall apart.

Mrekza wants to get frisky with his woman but she’s not interested.

Palesa is all nerves during her first self-defence class.

The Russian mob boss pays a visit to the Mabaso house and he’s not happy.

Lerato doesn’t like the idea of her sister crushing on her ex-crush.

The pharmacist warns he’s not to be made an enemy of.

Roberts is worried when Pele insists on fighting fire with fire.

Mazwi unknowingly plants a seed in his business partner’s head.

Jack’s rage pushes him beyond self-control.

Gadaffi desperately wants to believe Tau is right.

Lucy catches her family in the act.