Soapie teasers: 10 April 2018

7de Laan

André is interested in someone special. Xander helps Chris with his business decisions.

Day of our Lives

Theresa gets a visit from Eve, who is desperate to repair her relationship with her daughter. Meanwhile, Paige runs into JJ and again presses him to reveal the name of the girl he's been sleeping with. Hope challenges Aiden, saying she feels like he doesn't want her in the house. Aiden covers, then goes to run an errand. While he’s gone, Hope catches Bree trying to break in. Adrienne stops Paul from walking in on Sonny and Will. She’s frosty with him until she figures out it was Paul's blood that saved her son's life. As Paul pledges not to bother Sonny again, Sonny awakens and sees Will. Before he can speak a word, Sonny takes a turn for the worse.


Brandon is lured into a trap. Smanga needs to change his ways to get what he wants. Lucy isn’t ready to kiss and make up yet.


Pleasure discovers Khanyi’s suspicions and she flips. Ngwebedla pays Mbodla to find Gloria. Qondi agrees to Iris’s request while Mkabayi has a plan brewing for Judas.


Nina decides to take the war with the Molois to another level and Lerato is on the receiving end of her wrath. Kgothalo is angry with her mother and decides to put her in her place. Lalage is in huge trouble with Hendrik.


Azwindini gets a horrible shock when the Sherriff of the court delivers devastating news. The meeting between the Motsamai’s and the Zikalala’s does not conclude amicably. Imani thinks her plan with Ranthomeng is working.

Rhythm City

The #WhereIsElektra campaign goes viral - and Musa and Robert start to worry. Kop clashes with Rene’s birth father. Bash accuses Bongi of trying to kill him.


As one person's life spins out of control, a decision is made to end someone else's.  A young relationship has its physical boundaries tested on both sides.  When a secret resident discloses himself, a family home is disrupted. 

Skeem Saam

Alfred faces humiliation of the worst kind in the form of a chalk drawing. MaNtuli loses her sense of self-control in a very public space. Clement finds himself playing the Grade 10 martyr.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Pam is in disbelief that Ridge and Quinn could be having an affair. Ridge and Quinn agree to keep their latest kiss quiet as they admit their true feelings for each other. In the corridor, Pam tries desperately to convince Charlie that Ridge worked too hard to reconcile with Eric to blow it by cheating with Quinn. Touched by Brooke's visit to congratulate him on his birthday, Bill pledges his love to Brooke and presents her with the ultimate gift as a token of his love.

The Queen

John doe

Shocking news divides the Khoza family. Harriet welcomes Tebogo back into her mansion.


Qhabanga is confronted by the church people’s trust issues. Mxolisi fights to change Pastor Mdletshe’s opinion about Zekhethelo. There’s good news and sad news for Mondli.