Soapie teasers: 10 May 2018

The cast of Uzalo. (Facebook)
The cast of Uzalo. (Facebook)

7de Laan

Lesedi realizes she can’t trust anyone. Rickus makes an important decision about his future.

Day of our Lives

Stefano calls Victor with an unusual request: he wants to collaborate on getting payback against Kate. Eric wakes up with Serena, surprised to find her somewhat preoccupied. Serena, knowing she is close to completing her mission, lays the groundwork for perhaps having to leave Salem. After learning Melanie can’t make it to dinner, Nicole arrives at Daniel’s apartment and waits for him, wearing a sexy dress. However, Serena shows up instead, hoping to switch the elephant statues. 


Gadaffi uses an opportunity to take photos of his ex’s diary. Lesedi turns the tables on Jason when he tries to humiliate her. Cosmo reaches out to his sister but she chases him away.


Judas receives some moving news about his ancestral home. News of Thandeka’s baby shower gets the men of the valley talking. Qaphela’s ghosts come back to haunt the Ngwenyas in a dangerous way.


The whole town waits in anticipation to see Lincoln going back to prison. Sechaba is shocked when he learns who has been abusing hotel freebies. Zandre unexpectedly shows up at the Lategan doorstep.


Mulimisi pleads with the ancestors to save Rendani’s life. Meme is a woman haunted by the demons of the past. The mother and daughter feud between Moliehi and Thobile intensifies.

Rhythm City

Pearl is rescued by a handsome stranger. Bongi makes a final break. Rene makes a courageous move. Mzi is welcomed into the family. 


A confession of a diabolical truth prompts a diabolical secret to be kept buried. A mother in turmoil feels entitled to her pain. An angry party arrives unexpectedly to query a disturbing rumour. 

Skeem Saam

Petersen’s line of investigation is thrown off track by a startling development. Seems like Principal’s gotten herself into a financial rut at the school. Lehasa is in a nostalgic funk again, and does something uncharacteristic.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Nicole fills Maya and Rick in on Zende's concern about R.J. and a certain intern. Coco begins to notice the obvious reservations towards her. Seeing that Sally is having reservations about stealing from the Forresters, Shirley pushes her granddaughter's buttons to get her back on track. The news that Thomas has a little child with socialite Caroline Spencer living in New York City hits Sally hard. Thomas and R.J. share a bonding moment reflecting that they are both in love with a Spectra.

The Queen

The Returning

The ancestors seem to have some issues with the Khoza umsebenzi. Shaka tells Bheki to carry on with his affairs, but to drop it when he gets back home.


Nkunzi threatens Mkhonto. Pastor Mdletshe turns down MaNgcobo. Mastermind infuriates Thobile.