Soapie teasers: 11 January 2019

Isidingo. (Photo: Facebook/Isidingo)
Isidingo. (Photo: Facebook/Isidingo)

7de Laan

Will Xander hear the full story? Marko and Esti are puzzled by Diederik’s behaviour.

Days of our Lives

Bo has collapsed, and Shawn panics.  At the hospital, Bo waits until he’s alone with Kayla to explain the symptoms he’s been having, and she immediately orders a battery of tests. He sees her get the results when she is unaware he’s watching, and she’s devastated as she calls in a consult.                                             


Lucy will have to improvise to get the information she needs. Amy convinces Lesedi to milk what she went through. Smanga resorts to drastic measures to save the Morokas’ crown jewel.


Iris has won her place in Operation Khuculula, but there is a fallout from the unexpected turn-around. Dabula and the Ndlovus celebrate a surprising victory. Saddam draws a line with Lillian. Sibongile’s party gets out of control, with shocking results.


Sechaba learns the meaning of when days are dark, friends are few. Hendrik. who has been secretively upset at Lalage for slapping Wendy, finally lets out his rage. Qaqamba gives Veronica a hard time.


The Great Warthog of Luonde is laid to rest. Anxiety starts seeping through the Mudau home. Gugu gives Moliehi an ultimatum.

Rhythm City

Kop is shocked at what he almost did. Mzi prepares to turn himself in, but Pearl has a surprise for them all.


Boniswa is surprised to be betrayed by a friend and supported by an enemy. Kgosi receives good advice from an unlikely source.  A confession sets one person free and lands another in trouble. 

Skeem Saam

Candice finds herself alone off guard and facing a dangerous man. Alfred is dealt a double blow, both literally and otherwise. Pretty refuses to give in to pressure regarding her future.

The Bold and the Beautiful


The Queen

Unspoken Feelings

An unexpected visitor disrupts a Maake wedding. Kea notices Goodness’s iciness towards Thabiso.


The church makes a decision regarding Mdlethe’s future as Pastor, MaNgcobo goes to great lengths to protect Mxolisi, and Sbu has Fikile followed.