Soapie teasers: 11 May 2018

PHOTO: Youtube shot
PHOTO: Youtube shot

7de Laan

Matrone reminisces about her younger days. Will Mariaan’s secret come out?

Day of our Lives

Stefano and Chad anticipate the impending DiMera board meeting, confident they will finally be able to kick Kate to the curb. Meanwhile, Kate celebrates with Victor. She reveals not only will she use Victor’s intel to outwit Stefano again but she’ll also get rid of Chad and become the sole CEO of DiMera Enterprises. JJ admits to Jennifer he tried to get back together with Paige but she shot him down – hard.  However, he’s not giving up. Later, Paige and Theresa go to the student lounge, where Paige is set to perform in a music showcase. However, Paige soon realizes JJ is there to perform, too. 


Mazwi refuses to join the alliance but is forced to change his mind. Lucy gets dumped. Jack is furious to hear what Michael is up to.


Lt. Mkhize and Mpiyakhe’s meeting with MEC Zondi has an interesting outcome. Sunday has a dark request as payment for giving Ngwebedla his deepest desires.


After publicly announcing that he’ll be arresting Lincoln, Eddie is embarrassed when things don’t go accordingly. Lerato has a fall out with customers at Bokamoso, and reminds them who’s boss, before showing them the door. Everyone is surprised when Hendrik turns over a new leaf.


Hangwani is determined to find out who tried to kill Rendani. Meme is stalking KK, and she has sinister plans for him. Moliehi makes things worse when she cuts off Thobile.

Rhythm City

Pearl is grateful to the mystery man. Bongi tells Nomalanga her dangerous news. Red has a horrible surprise in store for Rene. 


A guilty party pledges assistance to someone in need, but severs ties with them in the same breath.  Rejection causes a painful rift in a family and drives one of them to making a drastic decision. A cunning plan backfires spectacularly and ends up achieving the opposite result. 

Skeem Saam

Elizabeth finds herself in hot water while trying to help the Seakamelas. Principal is a woman with something to hide, and Manaka is suspicious. Wallet receives news from the Limpopo Arts Department that places him on the map.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas pleads with Sally to not end their blossoming relationship. At Spectra Fashion, Shirley informs Saul that Sally is cutting ties with the Forresters. Darlita is relieved to hear that Coco gave Maya Forrester her brooch and therefore Rick was canoodling with his wife. Coco is left bewildered by Darlita's more than usual strange behaviour. Later, the Spectra gang gets more than they bargained for when seeing the latest designs through Coco's hidden camera as Rick and Maya have a look on the entire collection.

The Queen

Jerry on Fire

Just when they thought everything was systems go, the Maakes are in for a nasty surprise. Brutus is left fuming when someone’s secret is revealed.


Relationships are never easy and the residents of KwaMashu will learn this in varying degrees. Some will boast while others will feel the strain of infidelity. Relationships will be tested and only time will reveal the outcome.