Soapie teasers: 11 October 2017

7de Laan

There is a new face wandering around in Hillside. Justin receives an unexpected call.

Days of our Lives                                                                                                               

The tension is heavy as Nicole and Eric finally speak to the cardinal. Sami assumes Rafe has come by because he wants her back. Rafe reveals he came to ask if Kate told her about his indiscretion. Jordan attacks Kate, warning she’ll never get Rafe back. Kate wonders if Sami is having second thoughts about EJ. EJ makes a deal with Victor. Victor warns EJ he’s heading down a dangerous path. Ben rebuffs Clyde, who turns on the charm for Abigail. Abigail wonders if it’s possible Clyde is really trying with Ben, but Ben doesn’t trust him. 


Getty reels in shock when she sees what she walked in on. The wrong person ingests a deadly poison. Lerato takes Mpho on about his attitude.


Gloria learns that Ma’Cele’s help is not without a price. Lt. Mkhize orders all witnesses in the Ngwenya case to be put on high alert. Mandla, against Samson’s wishes, continues his quest for revenge.


Bradley and Sibiya find themselves in hot water. Eddie and Modise get hold of fresh evidence. Kgothalo and Rajesh are still at loggerheads.


The plot thickens in the Mulaudzi household. Has Gizara been bewitched? Is Vusi falling for Vuyiseka?

Rhythm City

Mammothibi stokes Puleng’s fear, and she turns against her friends. Cuba turns to Suffo for help. David lets Lerato down, and she turns to Mawewe.


A video clip and a bunch of lies appear to have the desired effect. Two people grow closer through sharing life stories, and a young man becomes jealous of another. Gloria leaps to a conclusion which is bound to cause trouble.

Skeem Saam

Dennis pays Clement an unwelcome visit. The Priest flips the script on Meikie’s moral high ground. Marothi is befuddled to find that he’s losing his upper hand on Charity.

The Bold and the Beautiful

A determined Quinn applies pressure on Ivy to fulfill her assignment in spite of her previous failed attempts. Not accepting the news about Brooke and Bill’s pending nuptials too well, RJ takes matters into his own hands. Brooke is compassionate towards RJ’s feelings and begins to have second thoughts about marrying Bill. Steffy and Thomas become concerned that Ridge may become an obstacle in their plan to save Eric from Quinn.

The Queen


Gracious takes the war to Gift. Harriet seems to be losing her mind. The Maakes are on knife’s edge.


Nkunzi worries when he gets a call from the hospital. Khumbulani plays open cards with Smangele and tells her that he wants to get to know her better. MaNzuza meets the woman who stole the advocate’s heart.