Soapie teasers: 12 March 2018

Rhythm City! (Facebook)
Rhythm City! (Facebook)

7de Laan

Charmaine is shocked to find a stranger in her house. Are the Welmans hiding something else?

Days of our Lives

Sonny nearly catches Paul and Will together when Derrick lets Sonny into Paul’s room. Will makes one more pitch for Paul to think about coming out in the article. After Daniel and Nicole make love, he warns Nicole he wants their relationship built on truth, and it can’t be if she still has feelings for Eric. Brady talks to Maggie about some upcoming changes in his life, but keeps it vague and doesn’t mention Melanie. He also encounters Theresa and lets her have it for her selfishness. Adrienne admits Lucas is the only one she can talk to about Justin.


Fana unintentionally gives the game away. Namhla has a plan on how to trap her stalker. Gog’Flo encourages Lesedi to do the right thing.


Beauty and Lillian find themselves in a desperate situation and they seek refuge from an unlikely source. Pleasure tries to find means to pay Mandla what she owes him. The Zungus grow concerned about Siphokazi.


Kgothalo tells Rajesh that she’s moving out, but Rajesh locks the door and refuses to let her go. Wendy consoles a heartbroken Anja with wise words. Nina makes advances on Gabriel, but gets nowhere.


Azwindini turns the heat on Tendamudzimu. James has incriminating info against Thandaza. Rashaka tries to win Imani and lethu over.

Rhythm City

Mapula carries on her lie to Melusi. Rene and Mampho have different versions of the party. Lungile turns to Bongi for comfort.


A prisoner is reluctant to be freed, and a mother's pain is delayed by an empathetic young man. A business woman misinterprets a gentle warning as a serious threat. Painful farewells are said before a new life begins.

Skeem Saam

Pretty has a new secret admirer. Emkay fears he has lost the greatest love of his life. Kwaito and Glenda plan their future together.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Put off by Thomas’ sudden chilly attitude towards her, Steffy confronts her brother about his feelings regarding her being appointed Forrester Creations’ CEO. Thomas uses this opening to unload his true feelings about being overlooked for the position. As Bill confesses to Brooke about how much he missed her while she was away, she reveals the real reason why she left. Ivy volunteers interesting suggestions to Liam regarding his pending nuptials to Steffy.

The Queen

Falling Fast

Kea is in love. Kagiso wants to expand their business out of the country. Meanwhile, Vuyiswa is rushed to hospital.


When you try to please everyone, you end up displeasing everyone. Mastermind realises his new life is not as glamorous. Fikile has to maintain her new habits, even if it means risking it all.