Soapie teasers: 13 April 2018

PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook
PHOTO: 7de Laan Facebook

7de Laan

Can Alexa save her patients life? Hilda struggles to accept her past and move on.

Day of our Lives

As JJ wakes up in Eve’s bed, Jennifer and Abigail realize he didn’t sleep at home.  After JJ goes, Eve comes looking for Paige but her daughter is too angry with her to talk. Eve, feeling lost, encounters Daniel and asks for his help in smoothing things out with Paige. Serena is still focused on her mysterious mission to make a grab for one of Eric’s African artifacts. She’s pulled out of it by Nicole who has come, surprisingly enough, to apologize.  Later, Serena arrives at Eric’s place, ready to switch the statues while he’s out. She trips and the statue falls out of her bag – just as Nicole arrives..


Lucy is stunned by Mrekza’s revelation. Smanga has second thoughts about blackmailing the chairman. Cosmo finds the man who robbed them and teaches him a painful lesson.


Judas and Mkabayi face off.  The Ndlovus unite in a celebration to welcome a new member of their family. Ngwebedla is humiliated and Gloria’s theft looms over him. S’bu is battling with Thandeka’s cravings. Meanwhile, Qaphela has to face his father.


Nina has an enticing offer for Gabriel, but comes with a price tag. Will he accept? It's Mmakgosi’s first day at the Rec and Kgothalo lays down the law, but then Mmakgosi surprises Wendy when she saves her bacon. It’s Lalage’s first day at work as well and Hendrik blows her away when he tells Anja and Wendy they should all be supportive of her.


Faces turns sour in the Royal House when Vho-Makhadzi announces the new regent. The Zikalala’s up the ante in their cat and mouse game with James and Moliehi. When Gugu tells Imani about what she saw last night, Imani immediately dismisses her suspicions.

Rhythm City

Cuba receives a surprising gift. Bongi saves Lungile. Zolani finally comes around to Mampho’s way of thinking.


A kidnapping and a tragedy are thwarted, but another horrific event occurs. A young man reveals his true nature to a friend, but his confession is overheard by someone else. A family member admits a harsh truth to a loved one. 

Skeem Saam

Kwaito finds himself in the confrontation of all times at a golf course. MaNtuli is beside herself with rage to learn that Clement is being ignored in the classroom. Rachel plans to move on and is unwavering.

The Bold and the Beautiful

R.J. and Coco share a sweet kiss on the news that she is allowed to continue her internship. At a staff meeting, Ridge lectures everyone about security - especially now that a Spectra is working at the company. Coco arrives back at the Spectra Fashion and tells the gang all about her first day on the job at Forrester Creations. Sally becomes skeptical of their plan after seeing how happy her sister is. Shirley and Saul pressure Sally into believing the plan is their only option.

The Queen

The arrest

Harriet is determined to save her daughter. Goodness starts to celebrate as Vuyiswa is prepared to arrest a Khoza.


MaNgcobo’s happiness is in jeopardy. Nkunzi comes clean to Mxolisi. Mastermind wants to ditch Nkunzi.