Soapie teasers: 13 November 2017

Rhythm City! (Facebook)
Rhythm City! (Facebook)

7de Laan

Hilda is relieved to find out that her financial struggles are a thing of the past. Mariaan starts meddling again.

Days of our Lives

EJ tries to deny he helped Rafe keep Stefano out of Salem, but Sami has figured out the truth. He finally admits she’s right but he needs to keep his name out of it for both his sake and Sami’s.  They get very honest with each other, Sami admitting how much hurt she felt when she realized he’d been with Abigail.  EJ swears he’d spend the rest of his life making it up to her, if he could… and they come together in a kiss! Abigail has locked herself in the storage room with Ben to explain why she pushed him away earlier. Eve observes a younger girl, Jill, working as a prostitute.  After explaining she was once in her shoes, Eve offers Jill a way out… but Eve wants something in return – and it has to do with JJ.


Tau is more determined than ever to take on the Morokas. Will Zondiwe give in and send Mpho away? The ancestors are calling and dare not be ignored!


Judas and Beauty are worried but have no idea that Jabu and Zama are in the lion’s den. Thandeka fears Sunday will return. Mandla makes a nasty discovery.


Nobody wants to tell Rajesh what actually happened to Gabriel after he left. Georgie has a solution for Nina’s DNA request. Anja has to intervene between Lalage and Wendy’s bickering. 


Matodzi reaches out for Rendani's help. Vusi returns home from hospital. Teboho prepares for her naming ceremony.

Rhythm City

A difficult uncle arrives to cause havoc in the lobola negotiations. Puleng and Wiseman take the next terrible step.


Dintle unveils a diabolical plan, and Grace has her suspicions confirmed. Layla discovers that her procrastination has cost her dearly. Boniswa makes it clear that she is not in a forgiving mood.

Skeem Saam

Leeto faces a day in court that could change him forever. Charity receives some good news. Candice and Hazel finally face up to a painful past.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Forrester family’s visit with Eric is met with joy and relief when they see him wide awake with a positive prognosis from his doctor. Steffy and Liam excitedly discuss plans for a future together once her divorce is finalized. Wyatt gives Quinn a piece of sound advice on how to get back in the good graces of Eric’s family. Ridge and Eric get a moment alone to finish the discussion they were having before Eric’s hospitalization.

The Queen

Broken Love

A tempting suggestion is given to Gracious, but her people oppose it. Something goes missing after a very successful event.


Smangele refuses to believe what Khumbulani has told her. Advocate Zulu and MaNzuza cool things off. Mastermind finds more than he bargained for in a stolen car’s boot.