Soapie teasers: 14 March 2018

7de Laan

Diederik asks Justin for help. Esti finds out the truth. Vince has a date with a special lady tonight.

Days of our Lives

Paige confides in Daphne about JJ sleeping with some other girl. Paige suspects it may be Bev, but when she encounters her old rival, she’s left feeling unsure if she was correct. She later confronts JJ and demands to know who it was. Abigail and Jordan’s press conference goes awry when Ben blurts it is Clyde, not Chad, who donated the money for the program. Jordan storms over to Clyde’s hotel room – where he gets angry – and physical with her. Earlier, Victor warns Clyde to stay out of the trucking business in Salem – that’s Victor’s territory. However, cocky Clyde refuses to back down. Aiden threatens Bree over the phone once again.


Mrekza shamelessly manipulates an old lady. Smanga’s political machinations are exposed to the public. Gadaffi realises it won’t be easy to cut ties with the underworld.


Mpiyakhe puts his foot down regarding the Ngwenyas. Mandla is forced to accept the new status quo at the tavern. It becomes clear that all is not well with Siphokazi. Meanwhile, Duma and Mabuyi argue about the importance of family.


Kgothalo tells Benjamin all the wrath she’ll wreak on Nina. Rajesh and Kgothalo are awkward with each other. Gabriel and Makgorometsa sit together at the mine waiting area and Sibiya is annoyed.


The Vhakwevho are divided over Konanani's death. James has a surprise for Thandaza. Rashaka plans to sweep Gugu off her feet. Susan and Azwindini are given some shocking news about Vhutshilo.

Rhythm City

Lerato gets the autopsy results and Nomalanga now knows she has the wrong child. Mampho gets great news and Mapula tells the truth.


Mangi receives news which upsets him more than he thought it would, and Quinton receives an unwelcome offer. Romeo finds himself having to obey an order from someone he can usually twist around his finger. Gloria is the inspiration for mass action.

Skeem Saam


Pretty is crestfallen when she gets a letter from school. Granny’s dream leaves Kat fearing for the worst. Mokgadi is worried about a visit from the Principal.

The Bold and the Beautiful

While discussing Katie’s personal life, Brooke questions her sister’s feelings when the topic of Eric is brought up. Katie is adamant that her relationship with Eric is strictly platonic, but, Brooke is not fully convinced. Feeling considerably vulnerable in her marriage, Quinn confesses to Eric her overwhelming fear of losing him. Brooke pays a visit to Eric and reveals that Katie has a crush on him… a revelation which is overheard by Quinn.

The Queen

Unforseen Arrest

Tebogo loses his temper over breakfast. Kea gets a call from Tebogo’s ex. Vuyiswa cuts her break short and makes an arrest.


As help comes from the most unlikely person, Pastor Mdletshe is tempted to accept dirty money and help. There is trouble in paradise for Fikile and Sbu as their joy ride comes to an abrupt end.