Soapie teasers: 14 May 2018

Isidingo. (Photo: Facebook/Isidingo)
Isidingo. (Photo: Facebook/Isidingo)

7de Laan

Marko has a romantic evening planned for him and Esti. Olivia supports Matrone in her quest to find love.

Day of our Lives

Stefano and Chad anticipate the impending DiMera board meeting, confident they will finally be able to kick Kate to the curb. Meanwhile, Kate celebrates with Victor. She reveals not only will she use Victor’s intel to outwit Stefano again but she’ll also get rid of Chad and become the sole CEO of DiMera Enterprises. JJ admits to Jennifer he tried to get back together with Paige but she shot him down – hard.  However, he’s not giving up. Later, Paige and Theresa go to the student lounge, where Paige is set to perform in a music showcase. However, Paige soon realizes JJ is there to perform, too. 


Tshidi is horrified when her rescuer gets stabbed. Mrekza decides it’s time to move on. Sphe puts her foot down, will not risk her mother’s recovery process.


Qaphela saves the day, but his father is furious. Ngwebedla realises he will never get back what he lost unless he sells his soul to the devil. S’bu and Thandeka share an emotional goodbye.


With prison no longer a threat, Lincoln continues to make HD his kingdom again. Lerato’s self-important behaviour gains her few friends. Zandre puts his foot down with Hendrik.


Mulalo and Teboho bulldoze their way into the Royal house. Meme stages her first encounter with KK, but he unwittingly pushes her over the edge. Thobile is out in the cold, desperate for a job.

Rhythm City

David returns to form and resolves the threat to both Pearl and Reneilwe with his bare hands. Bash give Nomalanga and Bongi an ultimatum. Suffo and Mzi bond further. 


Yvonne has a new plan in mind - involving a new man - but another woman might have a problem with that.  In an escalating family crisis, desperation only widens the rift.  Two guilty people hope that the closing of a chapter means the end of the story. 

Skeem Saam

Tbose and Kwaito find out who had Tbose’s phone all along. Lehasa gets closer to the truth about what’s affecting his business. Leeto asks for a bit too much from his parents.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill is furious to learn that Spectra Fashions is having another fashion show and that reporter Jarrett refuses to write a scathing review that will ruin their company. Steffy is relieved while Thomas is crushed that Sally ended their romance before it properly took off. Ridge presents his newest designs to Steffy and Thomas not realizing that Spectra is replicating the same designs for their fashion show after getting more than a glimpse of it the day prior. Saul and Darlita do their best to prevent Coco from seeing their new collection, knowing that she would realize that they are stolen designs from Forrester Creations. Sally is miserable about dumping Thomas.

The Queen

Broken Closet

Brutus disappears in light of his son’s revelation.


MaNgcobo is shocked by what the Xulu's have to tell her. Gabisile finally finds the thieves with the help of DK. The devil is a woman in tight gym clothing for a tempted Mastermind.