Soapie teasers: 14 November 2018

Uzalo cast (PHOTO: Uzalo Instagram)
Uzalo cast (PHOTO: Uzalo Instagram)

7de Laan

Aggie and Vince spend quality time together. Alexa puts Lesedi in her place.

Days of our Lives

Steve is stunned when he finds Joey has snuck onto the plane. Brady, Nicole and Theresa work on their proposal to present to John in order to buy Basic Black. At Club TBD, Eve and Kate form an unlikely bond, and Kate supports Eve, who continues to grieve over Paige. 


The sisters fight about their new roomie. Pele decides to use Mrekza to get to his man. Jack is shocked to hear about the latest development in the land deal.


Jericho introduces a new style of offering in the church and it's a success as people happily give without holding back.  Jericho is being showered with praise and attention from his Congregation and he likes it. Pastor Zakes and Albertina finally have sex.


The monster in Zembe is unleashed and he won’t take no for an answer. News spreads about the council reshuffle and Ngwebedla enjoys being on the side of power again. Beauty plays on Lillian’s insecurities.


Nina learns the hard way that making the first move against your enemy isn’t always the smartest thing to do. Hendrik reminds Lalage that he wears the pants in the Lategan household. Gabriel gets more than he bargained for when he shows Lungi his dark side.


Shumi has a mysterious plan and hopes to execute it undetected. Moliehi has to face the music with James. KK is in seduction mode and brings out his best game.

Rhythm City

Suffo encourages Puleng to stop working so hard and spend some time with the kids - but when she does so a parent’s worst nightmare takes place. Sabelo finds out Sindiswa lost her job. 


Mthunzi comes face-to-face with the person he thought he's never see again. An encouraging figure is having a positive effect on the Ngemas' lives. Stokkies's scheming isn't working out at all like he planned. 

Skeem Saam

Noah makes himself the victim after a certain member of the Maputla household questions his latest tricks. Celia is outvoted on a matter relating to Rachel. Mapitsi is hurt when she finally confirms something Sphola has done recently.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke confesses to Rick and Maya the messy details about her breakup with Bill..

The Queen

The Wedding Crashers

Things go horribly wrong for the wedding crashers. Kamina is excited and Diamond moves the cops two steps forward.


Mondli finds himself between a rock and a hard place pining for his lost love. Fikile invites Zekhethelo to ladies night at Club genesis. GC tries to nudge the youth to support Mrs Madlala’s uniform idea. Mxolisi discovers who the new buyer is.