Soapie teasers: 16 August 2017

7de Laan

Lesedi won’t allow anyone to walk over her. Marko decides to take drastic action to save Stasie Ses.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy persuades Eric to go to Monte Carlo and, not knowing he is seeing Quinn, suggests that he bring his new lady friend on the trip. Bill attempts to justify his actions to Katie who becomes even more determined to get Will back. When Bill suggests that Katie try to go to the courts about it, Brooke steps in and takes a very big stand for Katie. Deacon arrives at Quinn’s and learns about her most recent shenanigans. On the Spencer jet, Liam opens up to Eric about his feelings for Steffy, Wyatt, and Quinn.


Smanga realises there’s more to the confrontation that happened at The Eat. Things get ugly between mother and daughter when Nandi voices her suspicions. Mrekza is a mess after an unexpected phone call.


Mpiyakhe and Lethu's discussions are interrupted by frightening news from Lethu's farm. Jerry has a close call with Lillian. Iris and Zanele get into an argument over Zanele’s life choices.


Sechaba makes a horrifying discovery about how a relative died. Ofentse and Sechaba discover a deep dark secret that’s been kept by the Moloi family. Wendy and Anja continue to bond. Thabang is shocked to discover the true source of his illness.


Thandaza finally learns the truth about Ranthomeng and Gugu. Thandaza is stung when she receives a court order from James. Azwindini manages to win Mpho over but she shocks him with an unexpected packet from her handbag.

Rhythm City

Pearl threatens to move out of David’s house. Emmanuel misconstrues Palesa’s friendliness for romantic affection. Vega schools Emmanuel in his forceful and violent ways with women. Rene is forced to play nice with Kgaugelo.


Grace decides to take a stand against the horror of her past. Dintle is made a promise which could change her future. Mary panics about an imminent situation and Chumani makes a decisive move.

Skeem Saam

Meikie gets horrifying news about her husband. Tough times lie ahead for the Magongwas. Mapitsi’s image is dragged through the mud again and leaves her scarred.

The Queen

Harriet is out for Gracious’ head. Kagiso stares down the barrel of the gun. Kwanele and Alpheus disagree about his future plans.


Zekhethelo panics as Nkunzi packs his gun but refuses to tell her where he is going.  GC finds out he is out of money after buying a lot of drinks at the shisanyama. The congregation is shocked as Mumsy is officially presented as Pastor Mdletshe’s daughter in church.