Soapie teasers: 18 January 2019

PHOTO: Facebook/7de Laan
PHOTO: Facebook/7de Laan

7de Laan

Emile contemplates his job at the boutique. Hilda tries her hand at planning a party.

Days of our Lives

Bo asks Hope to meet him in the park to break the horrible news that he is dying. As Bo gets Hope to help plant a tree as a testament to their love, they renew their vows to each other and share a final kiss in the spot where they had their first. As Hope clings to him in the dying light, Bo's heart finally stops, and she breaks down in tears.


Sphe gets a phone call she was hoping wouldn’t come... Tshidi doesn’t know what to do about an unexpected proposal. Will Wandile be able to resist the lure of easy money?


The Zungus receive some surprising news from Sibongile’s family and Mandla sets out to even the score with Ngwebedla.


Lincoln shows Gabriel who’s really the boss. The unthinkable happens to Lalage and it’s Wendy to the rescue. Just when Sechaba and Phindile seem to be on the right track, a potential hiccup rears its ugly head.


Mpho confronts the murderer but he loses it and holds her hostage. Mme Mashigo avenges for what happened to Gugu. Rashaka leaves for Kenya.

Rhythm City

Pearl refuses to see Mzi and Sabelo is given even greater responsibility at the club just when the mysterious Valentine seems set on bringing more problems into that world.


Lindiwe is at a loss as to what to do next. Dintle secretly kickstarts her get-rich-quick campaign. 

Skeem Saam

Candice and Kat are rattled by someone’s visit but for different reasons. The recount for class rep is finished and the truth of the vote comes out in front of everyone. An unexpected visitor leaves MaNtuli embarrassed in front of Kwaito.

The Bold and the Beautiful


The Queen

Painful Power

Akhona wakes up to the most devastating news. Goodness is caught between a stubborn mother and ex-lover. Thabiso serves Goodness the worst revenge.


MaNgcobo is hit with an even more devastating truth. Time is running out for Sbu and DK and they can’t open the secure room. Mastermind’s past comes back to haunt him. Nonka’s world comes tumbling down.