Soapie teasers: 19 November 2018

Uzalo cast (PHOTO: Uzalo Instagram)
Uzalo cast (PHOTO: Uzalo Instagram)

7de Laan

Alexa sticks her nose in other’s business. Aggie is obsessed with Vince. Hilda opens up to Matrone.

Days of our Lives

Steve tracks down the Britta lookalike .  At the same time, Bo almost escapes from his cell. Stefano summons Aiden and calls him on stealing a check. Eve meets with Eduardo regarding Paige’s funeral arrangements. Lani Price, a cop from Miami, arrives in town to join the Salem PD. 


Mazwi isn’t sure what to do about Rori. Pele makes in-roads with his target. Kabisi tries his best but is unable to break through to Jack.


Jericho gives all the church staff raises to keep them loyal to him. Zakes decides to get a divorce, but Thando asks him to think about it first. He talks to Jericho who advises him to go ahead. Letebele is worried that Xavier is depressed.


Dabula and Ngwebedla start to accelerate their plans for the Chieftaincy. Mabuyi is having a hard time dealing with recent events. Samson is finally forced to do what his wife demands.


Majola takes a sledgehammer with the intention of digging up the shebeen stage. Lalage chastises Hendrik for sleeping on the couch. Anja realises her dad has been sleeping on the couch. Sechaba sees Lungi crying.


The pressure is mounting at the Royal house. Mme Mashigo’s revelation startles Brother Max. Thobile is skating on a thin ice.

Rhythm City

Bash meets Niki and tells her that Busi is missing. Bongi learns Lungile has been granted bail. Kop finds Cuba with muti outside his house. 


Just when it seems no one can stop Xolile marrying Mthunzi, and unexpected event happens. Kgosi tries to make sense of the speaker appearing out of nowhere. Stokkies' meeting with the boss has a surprising outcome. 

Skeem Saam

A young gangster is brought into the police station holding a certain notebook. Celia and Alfred’s friction goes from bad to worse when Rachel’s issues are added to the mix. Sphola’s honeymoon spirals into the abyss after damning accusations are made.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam confronts Justin as he thinks that the lawyer is still secretly siding with his father. Justin remains evasive before rushing off to see Bill. Wyatt and Katie ponder what kind of reaction they will receive when Bill finds out about their relationship. Steffy informs Liam that Bill seriously wants to reconcile.

The Queen

Victors and Victims

The bride has cold feet. Vuyiswa and the police descend on the Khozas. Victory comes to a bloody end!


Dinekile tightens the screws on Mangcobo sending her into a tailspin.