Soapie teasers: 2 October 2018

7de Laan

Bonita's fallen in love with a special person. Aggie misplaces her engagement ring.

Day of our Lives

Brady breaks the news to Eric and Nicole of Xander's new position as a gardener at the mansion. Theresa's earlier visit with Caroline almost ends in disaster when Anne runs in and almost reveals Theresa is faking her injury to stay close to Brady. 


Wandile’s vlog gets her into trouble again. Detective Roberts has a crucial new lead on Lesedi’s case. Mrekza is not happy to see his woman is keeping tabs on him.


One church member after another starts losing their sight. The blindness plague breaks out. The Lord reveals to Hlengiwe how to lift off the plague from His people. Hlengiwe urges everyone to confess their sins. Hlengiwe and everyone confess their sins to the Lord and recover their sight


Mpiyakhe’s wives have a hard time accepting Mpiyakhe’s decision. Mpiyakhe organises a visit that will allow the family to put their reservations at ease. Lillian buys a gift for Saddam that leaves Judas shocked.


Seline learns her husband’s been seeing a sex worker. Kgothalo and Ntando become the talk of the town. Hendrik regrets helping Lalage get her job back.


Moliehi finds out that Eric is the liar. Mulalo banishes Teboho from Thathe. Imani and Ranthomeng make peace over their failed marriage.

Rhythm City

Gail manages to steal the serum for TK, who offers it to Suffo. Mzi and Rene grow closer. Zodwa’s inspiration makes Puleng dream big. 


Sparks fly when a will is read. Wesley starts to have feelings for a woman far younger than him. Gloria is worried when she doesn't seem to be missed at work. 

Skeem Saam

Rachel sets a plan in motion to win Marothi back. Meikie refuses to agree with everyone regarding Mokgadi’s sentiments about Ben Kunutu’s death. Dennis has another undesirable request for MaNtuli.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Saul and Shirley are ecstatic that Thomas is back and hope that Sally can convince him to help resurrect Spectra Fashions from the ashes. When Sally confesses her feelings for him, Thomas reciprocates them, yet he feels that it is his obligation to be with the mother of his child on her last days. At Forrester Creations, Liam nearly sells out his father's terrible deed to an unsuspecting Brooke. Caroline calls out her Uncle Bill for his machinations as she feels sick about lying to Thomas about her health. Bill attempts to persuade Caroline to leave L.A. as soon as possible in order to not risk a reunion between Thomas and Sally.

The Queen

Best Friends No More

Mother and son continue to fight. A friendship is shattered, while Vuyiswa waits for her love to come back to her.


Bhekumuzi and Mysterious man help the cops make more arrests. Nkunzi can’t seem to keep peace in his home. Gabisile reels in Fikile to help her get what she wants from GC.